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Find the right template and design patterns for your web content: design system

Answer the following questions to find out if there is a template or design pattern you could leverage to design user-centered and task-based content.

What type of content?

  • Information about programs and services
  • Corporate content: information related to the organization or the minister
  • Navigation: ways to help users navigate to other pages
  • Promotional and campaign content
  • Consultation with Canadians

Feedback, questions and suggestions

When designing content, always focus on the task the user is trying to accomplish.

Keep in mind that the measure of success is more than just conformity to guidelines. It is equally important to help users successfully complete their tasks.

Use templates and patterns that help people complete the task, and don't hesitate to be creative.

Contact us at if you want to:

  • give us feedback on this wizard
  • ask us a question on the templates and patterns
  • suggest a user-tested change to the templates and patterns
  • contribute a missing pattern or template

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