Social media feeds - design pattern

The social media feeds widget is an in-page component that allows the latest posts from official Government of Canada social media accounts to be embedded on pages

When to use this pattern

  • Use the social media feeds widget on pages where official GC social media accounts are relevant to the current context
  • Do not use this component when a person’s flow must not be interrupted, as in a transactional process
  • Do not duplicate content from other promotional components on the page

How to use this pattern

  • The social media feeds widget consists of a heading with panels for up to 3 social media accounts, each featuring a feed of recent posts
  • The default heading for this widget is “Stay connected”
  • Each feed panel includes
    • a heading that indicates which social media platform the account’s feed is drawn from, for example Facebook or YouTube
    • a feed of the recent posts from that account, arranged in reverse chronological order
    • the 3 most recent posts as the default setting, with a link to the account from which the feed is drawn to allow people to see more
  • Use the defined presentation classes included in the WET theme

Working example


Social media feeds widget pattern
Screenshot illustrating the social media feeds widget pattern on Details on this graphic can be found in the surrounding text.
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