Icons - Canada.ca design pattern

Icons are symbols for communicating actions or states on Canada.ca.

When to use this pattern

Use the following icons when assisting people with site functionality:

  • buttons
  • alerts
  • form fields
  • external or email links
  • links to non-HTML files like a PDF or Excel files

Do not use icons:

  • to add decoration to navigation labels or headings
  • to style links internal to Canada.ca
  • to add emphasis to text

How to use this pattern

  • Do not use 2 icons in the same context
  • Ensure icons are always accompanied by a text label
  • Place an icon in line with its associated text label
  • Only use the defined icon sets included with WET

Working example


Icons pattern
Screenshot illustrating the icon pattern on Canada.ca. Details on this graphic can be found in the surrounding text.
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