Charts and graphs - design pattern

Charts and graphs are visualization techniques for communicating data or statistics.

When to use this pattern

  • Use charts and graphs to communicate data more efficiently than in text or tables, when there are multiple data points to be presented
  • Do not use charts and graphs when the data set is simple enough to be presented as a table, such as when there are few data points

How to use this pattern

  • Where possible, use WET 4 charts and graphs, rather than flat images
  • Always include data points as tabular data accompanying charts or graphs
    • it is recommended to provide an expandable table with tabular data immediately underneath the figure
  • Size and place charts and graphs appropriately for the context they are in
    • they must appear connected to the related content
  • Do not place charts and graphs in line with text blocks such as in a paragraph; rather, place them in between text blocks
  • Maximize available space to enhance readability
  • Keep charts and graphs as simple as possible

Working example


Charts and graphs pattern
Screenshot illustrating the charts and graphs pattern on Details on this graphic can be found in the surrounding text.
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