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Promotional events pages template: design system

A promotional events page is a destination page that describes and explains an official government-hosted event that occurs in a promotional context, such as a festival, a celebration and an awards ceremony.

Events that occur in a service context should not use this page layout.

A promotional events page:

On this page

When to use this template

  • Should have a life cycle that is shorter than other navigation pages on
  • Their retention will correspond to the event’s life cycle
  • Should not be topic pages that will be integrated into a topic tree; however, after an event is over, aspects of the event that are not temporary must be reconfigured and published as a topic page
  • Should integrate social media feeds
  • Should enable access to content assets created specifically for the event, as well as to program and service content that already exists or will exist on a topic page or elsewhere, beyond the period of the event
  • Use for an event that occurs that is part of a promotional campaign, such as a festival, celebration, or ceremony
  • Don’t use for non-promotional events that occur as part of regular business activities, such as workshops or webinars
  • Though design flexibility is encouraged in the content area, use existing patterns and WET components to the greatest extent possible to ensure accessibility. Make sure your page follows the Mandatory elements of the design system .
  • You can use a reduced version of the header and footer when there is a need to not use global navigation


Promotional events page template
Template of Promotional events page showing sections that make up its structure. Read top to bottom and left to right. Specifications detailed below.

1: Carousel

Features event-specific information that is timely and relevant

2: Event name

Describes the event and page content

  • Presentation
    • the event title must be a unique H1

3: Event details and location

Provides essential date, time and location information

  • Content
    • the essential details allow people to understand where and when the event is occurring
    • the details must also explain how people may participate in the event, for example, registration and admission information
  • Presentation
    • presentation may vary
    • when including a map, use the geomap widget available in the WET theme

4: Promotional features

Promotes event-specific information or activities

5: Event services and information

Lists links to content related to the event

6: Social media feeds widget

Features event-specific social media channels

7: Event video

Features event-specific video such as television ads

  • Presentation
    • use the multimedia player component available in the WET theme

8: Event audio

Features event-specific audio such as radio ads

  • Presentation
    • use the multimedia player component available in the WET theme

9: Event activities

Promotes event-specific activities

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