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Mandatory elements of the design: design system

Government of Canada web pages must be easily identifiable as part of Each page must convey the overall brand and feel of, and provide a consistent experience for site visitors.

These mandatory elements were designed to reflect the trusted digital brand of the Government of Canada: modern, open, helpful and credible.

Mandatory elements for all institutions

  1. The domain
  2. Styles
  3. Header and footer
  4. Institutional landing page
  5. Other mandatory templates

The domain

Use the domain for all Government of Canada web pages:


Apply the following style elements:

Each page from the Government of Canada shares a common header and footer. That is, the upper and lower parts of a page must look the same from page to page.

Get the detailed requirements:

Institutional landing page

All Government of Canada organizations and institutions must use this template as the single home page for their institution.

Other mandatory templates

Specific page types use mandatory templates. Consistency in these page types helps people find and accomplish tasks.

Government-wide templates

There is only one of each of these pages across

Page details

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