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Departments and agencies page mandatory template: design system


The departments and agencies landing page includes an alphabetically organized list of government institutions, as listed in the institutions list.

The page must be equipped with a keyword filter search box at the top of the page.

The departments and agencies page provides:

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When to use this template

The departments and agencies template page must be implemented once on

The following institutions can be listed on the departments and agencies page. Those:

How to use this template

Departments and agencies page template
Template of departments and agencies page showing the institutions and organizations listed in a sortable WET data table with keyword filtering. Specifications detailed below.

1: Page title


Describes the content of the page

  • Presentation
    • page title must be a unique H1
    • must be the first element on the page

2: Keyword filter component


Enables a person to enter text that will dynamically filter the list on the page

  • Content
    • must be implemented using appropriate WETcomponents
  • Presentation
    • appears above the information being filtered

3: Institution names


Is a list of federal institutions in alphabetical order

  • Content
    • the display name of the institution is used, as specified in the institutions list
    • acronyms are provided adjacent to the display name

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