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Audience pages must only be used when people are accustomed to accessing services delivered along audience lines: design system


In general, audience-based navigation must be avoided as it often creates additional effort for people who come to to complete tasks. For this reason, audience pages must only be used when people are accustomed to accessing services delivered along audience lines.

An audience-based navigation page (topic or index) can be used when:

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When to use this template

How to use this template

Audience page template
Template of audience page showing sections that make up its structure. Read top to bottom and left to right. Specifications detailed below.

Note: This template may be modified to address the specific needs of a government-wide audience, as supported by evidence. For example, the government-wide audience page for veterans may use a larger font size for the text.

1: Page title


Describes the audience and page content

  • Presentation
    • the page title must be a unique H1
    • must be the first element on the page

2: Audience introductory paragraph


Describes the services and information that can be accessed on this page

  • Content
    • provides an overview of all information and services available to this audience
    • keep text short and concise
    • written for a grade 6-8 reading level
  • Presentation
    • appears below the page title

3: Audience image


Supports and enhances key messages related to the audience page

  • Content
    • the image may appear elsewhere on the site
    • use the Imagespattern
  • Presentation
    • the audience image appears at the top of the page
    • appears to the right of the audience page introductory paragraph
    • image is not hyperlinked
    • no text may be embedded in the image

4: Audience social media channels


Features audience-specific social media channels

5: Services and information


Lists the audience-specific topics

  • Content
  • Presentation
    • appears below the audience social media channels
    • heading is labelled “Services and information”

6: Audience features


Promotes audience-specific current activities being led by departments and agencies across the GC

Working examples

When a government-wide audience page is used, it is accessible from:

User navigation diagram
Diagram of how to navigate to GC-wide audience pages on Text version below:
Text version

GC-wide audience pages can be accessed from the home page, related institutional profiles and related topic pages.

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