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Colours style: design system


The guidance on colours is mandatory on all pages.

Mandatory elements of the design system


The default background colour for is white (#FFF).

While you may use another background colour for specific portions of the page, ensure that the majority of the page has a white background. When you use other background colours, ensure sufficient contrast with text to meet WCAG success criterion 1.4.6: Contrast (Enhanced) (Level AAA) .


The text colour for is dark grey (#333).

Always use the following colours for links:

  • default link: #2b4380
  • selected link (on hover or focus): #0535d2
  • visited link: #7834bc

Additional colours

Only use these colours as accent colours:

  • main accent colour: #26374A
  • form error or required element indicator: #d3080c
  • selected element (in service initiation templates): #333

Alert and information messages have additional colours. Consult the contextual alerts pattern .

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