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Choosing what to improve: Continuous improvement of web content

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Use a task-based approach is the Government of Canada primary service delivery channel.

People visit to do things like:

People come to to complete tasks that let them fulfill their goals or objectives. For example, the tasks might be to check eligibility requirements and apply for a benefit. The goal is to receive the benefit payment.

Improving services on means ensuring that people are able to complete their tasks as efficiently and easily as possible.

Top tasks

Use a people-centred and data-driven way to focus and prioritize improvement efforts on the web by focusing on top tasks.

Determining what the top tasks are for your organization is crucial to focusing on what matters.

The GC Task Success Survey offers you a people-centred and data-driven way to prioritize your improvement efforts:

Improving the right thing

You won’t be able to improve everything. Some tasks are much more important to your users – and to your mandate – than others.

To choose what to improve, focus on 3 things:

Use data from task success surveys, direct feedback, call centres and other sources to determine your priorities.

If the team doesn’t agree on the big picture, then they certainly won’t agree on a single feature.

Jory Mackay, 7 Ways to Prioritize Features and Product Improvements

Task success survey results

Results and feedback from task success surveys will help you identify which tasks could be good candidates for improvement.

The GC Task Success Survey lets you measure and monitor results:

Frustration expressed through direct feedback

Analyzing direct feedback from people using your information through exit surveys, page feedback, and previous usability testing can help you narrow in on specific problems.

Call drivers, complaints, social media listening

Are you getting more calls, or more complaints from your users about specific services? Is your front-line staff describing areas of struggle? Is there a sudden flurry of posts related to your services on social media? These are clear indicators of areas you may need to focus on.

There are different methods and scorecards you can use to help prioritize problems that users are experiencing. These resources can help you learn more about prioritization methods:

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