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Sharing insights from feedback: design system

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Building a narrative with data

Communicating insights for action requires:

Bring the user experience into the forefront

Through your comment analysis, you want to help people understand:

Always include comment examples to illustrate key points and issues. This helps to transfer your understanding and empathetic listening to others.

Include other supporting data sources

Include other data sources in your analysis and reporting to build a more complete picture, confirm your insights, or add urgency from sources such as:

Outline for a text only summary

A simple text only summary can be just as effective as charts or graphs when:

Example structure for a text only summary

Highlight problems that go beyond the scope of your team’s work and need to be escalated - such as:

Templates for slides and charts

Charts can help illustrate trends, spot anomalies, confirm or explore research questions in the comments.

A good chart is:

Aim for an assertion / evidence format in your titles

Download templates for how to share survey insights (Powerpoint, 935KB).

Showing before and after results

Share small and big wins with your results.

Supporting evidence to consider including:

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