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Theme page types and templates are user-tested pages which provide access to topics and destination pages that support task completion.

Theme pages:

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When to use this template

  • The theme page template must be implemented only once for each theme as well as for How government works and Public service and military
  • Only Theme Lead institutions can use this template

How to use this template

Theme page template
Template of theme page showing sections that make up its structure. Read top to bottom and left to right. Specifications detailed below.

1: Theme title


Describes the theme and page content

  • Presentation
    • theme title must be a unique H1
    • must be the first component on the page

2: Theme introductory paragraph


Describes the top tasks and topics that can be accessed on this page

  • Content
    • provides an overview of all top tasks that can be accomplished on the given theme
    • keep the text short and concise
    • written for a grade 6-8 reading level
  • Presentation
    • appears below the theme title
    • appears to the left of the theme carousel

3: Theme carousel

Features theme-specific top tasks and topic information that is timely and relevant

  • Content
  • Presentation
    • appears at the top of the page
    • appears to the right of the theme introductory paragraph

4: Theme social media channels


Features theme-specific social media channels

  • Content
  • Presentation
    • appears below the theme introductory paragraph

5: Services and information


Features theme-specific topics

  • Content
  • Presentation
    • appears below the theme social media channels and to the left of “Most requested”
    • heading is labelled “Services and information”

6: Most requested


Features theme-specific top tasks

  • Content
  • Presentation
    • appears to the right of “Services and information”
    • heading is labelled “Most requested”

7: More information for


Links to related government-wide audience information

  • Content
    • this component is mandatory when there is 1 or more theme-related government-wide audience page or audience topic page that exist
    • use the More information for pattern
  • Presentation
    • appears below “Most requested”
    • heading is labelled “More information for”

8: Theme features


Promotes theme-specific current activities being led by departments and agencies across the GC

Working examples is organized around 15 themes, based on an analysis of top tasks (most requested information and services) across the Government of Canada.

While the themes emphasize top tasks related to information and service delivery, they also provide a window into activities of the Government of Canada that are undertaken to support programs and services (for example, research, consultation, policy development).

User navigation diagram
Diagram of how to navigate to theme pages on Text version below:
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Theme pages can be accessed from the home page.

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