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The page feedback tool is still in a pilot phase.

Why collect user feedback

User feedback can be useful to a range of people working on a product or service, including: web teams, program specialists, policy analysts, and other communications professionals (social media, outreach).

Combining qualitative insights with quantitative data is a step towards building a content culture that is human-centred, evidence-driven, and iterative.

Client feedback is a critical input into ensuring that services meet the needs of clients and to support continual improvement.

Source: Guideline on Service and Digital

Collecting feedback:

When to use the page feedback tool

First use the GC Task Success Survey to identify tasks that you would like to improve. Then add the page feedback tool on specific pages related to that task to uncover specific page-level issues affecting task performance.

How it works

The feedback tool is an optional pattern. Add it to the bottom of a content page after the page content and before the date modified. It replaces the “Report a problem” pattern while actively collecting user feedback. footer with the feedback tool
Image of the footer, with the feedback tool placed after the page content and before the Date modified

The feedback tool invites visitors to:

Feedback tool after clicking "No"
A long description can be found after the image.
Feedback tool

A heading labelled "What was wrong", followed by options to select:

Followed by the text "Please provide more details. You will not receive a reply. Telephone numbers and email addresses will be removed. Maximum 300 characters", and a text field to provide more details.

Common issues that page feedback can uncover

Common issues
Issue Type What to do
Something is broken Technical errors Quickly correct small errors like broken links or typos. Diagnose and fix interactive features.
Can’t find answer Navigation Reconsider information architecture, improve information scent to the page
Can’t understand or use an answer Writing Rewrite or edit using plain language
Answer not on page Missing user need / Content gap Include the answer in the content
Doesn’t like the answer Program/Policy Share feedback with appropriate program/policy channels

Request to use the page feedback tool

You can request to pilot the page feedback on your site by emailing the DTO:

What you will get:

Did you find what you were looking for?

What was wrong?

You will not receive a reply. Telephone numbers and email addresses will be removed.
Maximum 300 characters

Thank you for your feedback

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