What we are doing - Canada.ca design pattern

What we are doing is a pattern that presents links to content that provides background or explanations of GC activities in support of creating or improving public policy.

When to use this pattern

  • Use this pattern to provide relevant links to content that falls within the program and policy development user-need category
  • Use when the primary purpose of the page is to provide navigation choices

How to use this pattern

Content requirements

  • Label the heading “What we are doing”
  • Organize links by content type; label subheadings only using content type names (see Content types for Canada.ca)
  • Provide links to only the following content types:
    • from the Research, statistics and data category:
      • assessments
      • datasets
      • research
      • statistics
      • surveys
    • from the Consultations and engagement category:
      • consultations
    • from the News, promotions and public awareness category:
      • backgrounders
      • news releases
      • speeches
      • statements
    • from the Corporate information category:
      • program results
    • from the Government-wide reporting category:
      • audits
  • With the permitted types above, only include links to content that provides a view into the work that the government is doing to evaluate, improve or change programs, policies and services; for example, only a news release that announces a new funding program (whereas a news release that announces funding being awarded under and existing program would not be included here)
  • Only include links that are relevant to the page on which this pattern appears
  • Never provide links to content types that fall under the following content type categories:
    • services, like forms or service initiation (instead, place links to this content under services and information or most requested)
    • contact us, such as emergency contact or find an office (instead, place links to this content under the appropriate contact page or pattern, or most requested, if a high-demand task)
    • policy and guidance (instead, place links to this content under services and information, most requested or corporate information)
    • treaties, laws and regulations (instead, place links to this content on the transparency page under corporate information, services and information or most requested, if a high-demand task)
    • navigation and administration like navigation pages, website terms and conditions

Presentation requirements

  • When there are more than 3 subheadings, continue on a second row
  • A minimum of 2 links per subheading is required
  • A maximum of 4 links per subheading is allowed
  • When the number of links exceeds 4, provide a link to “All related [content type name]”

Working example


What we are doing pattern
Screenshot illustrating the what we are doing pattern on Canada.ca. Details on this graphic can be found in the surrounding text.
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