Site search box - design pattern

Mandatory on all standard pages

The ability to search all Government of Canada content is supported by a simple search field, which is provided in the global header used across the site.


The search feature provides an alternative method to discover content that can be used by visitors to directly locate any content contained on It allows people to bypass the navigation completely by submitting keywords that the system will match with relevant Government of Canada content.

Site search box
Site search box on the upper right of the template

When to use the site search box

The site search box is mandatory on all pages, except campaign pages and transactional pages. For more information, go to the Mandatory elements of the design system.

How to implement the site search box

  • Basic search consists of 2 elements: a keyword text input field and a search button to initiate the query
  • On large screens, basic search is positioned on the right-hand side of the global header area, below the language toggle link
  • On smaller screens basic search is positioned underneath the Government of Canada signature
  • Basic search is configured to scale automatically according to screen size to allow for responsive design
  • The basic search function allows for the use of boolean operators in the text field to submit more refined or specific queries to the search engine
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