Related links - design pattern

The related links pattern is a list of links to content that is related to the page on which it appears

When to use this pattern

  • Use this pattern to provide links to content that is directly relevant to the content on the current page
  • Do not use the related links pattern when a person’s flow must not be interrupted such as in a transactional process

How to use this pattern

  • Position the list of links after the main content of the page, but before the footer section
    • a consistent location at the bottom of the content area helps a person recognize the function of this pattern
  • The default heading is "Related links"
    • use more specific headings where possible to provide stronger context for a person
  • Do not add borders to this block
    • the aim is to reduce visual noise and avoid "banner blindness" (where people automatically interpret content in boxes as ads)
  • Use standard link styles
  • Use bullets, not numbered lists


Related links pattern
Screenshot illustrating the related links pattern on Details on this graphic can be found in the surrounding text.
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