Language toggle link - design pattern

Mandatory on all pages

All public-facing Government of Canada content is available in both official languages, at a minimum. A language toggle link in the global site header gives people access to the corresponding page in the other official language.

Language toggle link
Language toggle link appears on the upper right of the template


The language toggle link always leads people to the equivalent page in the other official language, ensuring that people are able to switch between languages without losing track of where they were before switching.

When to use the language toggle link

The language toggle link is mandatory on all pages. For more information, go to the Mandatory elements of the design system.

How to implement the language toggle link

  • The language toggle link consists of only one element—a simple text link indicating either “English” or “Français
  • The link is always presented in the top right corner of the global header area, regardless of the screen size
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