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Institutional byline design pattern: design system

The institutional byline provides people with a link to the institution or institutions responsible for the content.

When to use this pattern

  • Use only on destination pages such as service initiation or generic pages; do not use on navigation pages like themes, topic pages, institutional/organizational profiles
  • Use only once on the page to provide a link to the institution, organization or similar entity responsible for the content

How to use this pattern

  • The link to the institution or organization is introduced by the word “From:”
  • Only links pointing to institutional profile pages, organizational profile pages, or partnering/collaborative arrangement profile pages are permitted
  • Only one institution or organization should appear in the institutional byline
  • The link label must be the same as the name that appears on the institutional or organizational profile page being linked to
  • Position the institutional byline directly underneath the page title, aligned to the left
  • Use standard paragraph and link styles
  • Do not place this block in line with other text blocks or layout elements; it stands alone

Working example


Institutional byline pattern
Screenshot illustrating the institutional byline pattern on Details on this graphic can be found in the surrounding text.

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